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 If u`re hurt,,read this :(

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PostSubject: If u`re hurt,,read this :(   Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:01 pm

All I ever wanted was to make you happy
I try to understand when you left and never said goodbye
But now I am here crying and unhappy
Because you left me, and you never even told me why.

You Told me You Loved Me,
I Thought It was True,
But Now I'm Sitting Here Crying,
All Because Of You

You Said I Was The Perfect Girl,
So I Gave You My Heart,
And All You Did To It,
Was Tear It Apart

Eight Months Of Nothing,
How Could This Be,
We Were Meant For Each Other,
But I Guess That You Could Not See

You hurt me when you left me, all alone in pain
You hurt me when you broke your promises, again and again
It was always important to spend time with me
Now you treat me like you don’t want to even see me.
You hurt me when you stopped loving me.
Promising it will be till the end.
You hurt me in so many ways,
You don’t even want me, let alone as a friend

Don't let him walk over your heart and don't be ashamed to say he hurt you

You'll never forget
Your first love ever in life.

You know you're in love when the hardest things to say is good-bye

I hope you're happy
because now I am dead
Im not there physically

I promised to stay by your side 4ever
I promised to hold u close 4 ever
I promised to take care of u 4 ever
I promised to love u 4ever
but 4 ever is a long time to be wrong

If I had to choose between hurting someone I love, or being hurt by someone I love, I'd choose to be the one hurt,
Because seeing then in pain would kill me more than any broken heart could ever.

im leaven's now and im going to go
I'll miss everyone but you--I hope you know
You caused me so much pain
You brought all my sunny days to rain

Can't stop thinking of you,
Don't know how to stop loving you;
It hurts inside to know that I can't be with you

I love walking in the rain because no one knows I'm crying.

I never realized how much I loved you until I lost you

On the outside I'm alive and thriving
on the inside, I'm dead and still dying

The worst thing about getting your heart broken is going to sleep and knowing your going to wake up with the same broken heart

Theres times I want you, theres times I need you, theres times I wish you were by my side.
If only you could see, I want you and me, to be forever.

only you could see that i'll wait always for you, wait for the moment I
can finally tell you the truth, the truth that I love you.

If I cannot show you how much I love you, than Time will show you...

If you want to see the rainbow you must go through the rain. If you want to see true love you must go through the pain.

Was I that bad to you?
Did I deserve this coldish act?
All I wanted was to be there for you
Till the day you decided it was over and started to pack.
I begged you to explain to me? What it was that I did wrong
But you kept on packing, when I did nothing wrong

Why is it when we say words as strong as "I love you"
we feel so weak.
But when we say words as strong as "I hate" u we don't feel a thing?

You have hurt me real bad, for what reason Ill never know?
But I will still think of you, even if you told me you had to go
But in time I will forget, all the hurt you put inside
And I will find someone, that’s not like you,
By breaking promises and telling lies.

just smile at you...and keep it inside...all the feelings I feel...I
won't let you know how much it hurts me...all the things that you do...
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If u`re hurt,,read this :(
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