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 The structure

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PostSubject: The structure   Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:02 pm

Advertising is an integral part of socio-economic system of a country. The structure of advertising industry stands for the active participants in the activities of advertising. The active participants include the advertisers, media owners, advertising agencies consumer sand government. All these categories of people look forward for model for one or the other purpose.
Advertisers are individuals and firms who send the advertising message to the target audience at their own cost. Media owners are individuals who are engaged in carrying the advertising message from the sender to the seeker. Advertising agencies concentrate on rendering service to the needy advertisers. Consumers are the seekers of information, and it’s this seeker, who have to be satisfied most. The information’s are mainly used by them for making decision with regard to buy or not to buy a certain product.
Government is the central authorities who frame the behaviour of the advertising industry. Officials are being appointed to issue rules and regulations that affect the behaviour of the media, advertisers and the agencies directly and the consumers indirectly. It’s understood from the above that all the parties are considering modeling as an important factor and a source of exposure. In order to survive and succeed the most effective mode of advertising should be selected. So the selection of modeling is not an easy task as it sounds to be. Looking for models is a tough task with regard to the needy and it is going to be tougher in the upcoming period.
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The structure
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